Bye Bye Cape Town – See you soon Hong Kong

I feel like a little girl on Christmas Eve, knowing she is getting a fairy outfit for Christmas and it is just a few hours before she can open her gifts…

My mom and I are sitting on the airport, ready to board for our trip to Hong Kong. :)  This trip is a massive gift from my dad to celebrate the end of 6 years of studying – BComm. Management Accounting and BA Fashion Design. I don’t know who is more happy, my dad or me.

I LOVE traveling. I am exited to walk in the streets of one of the world’s top fashion capital, taking the ferry to Kowloon, tasting exotic things on the street and obviously VERY exited about the shopping.

We left Cape Town at 12:00 this afternoon and now we are waiting at Joburg. Our flight is delayed with two hours, so I thought why not share a bit before we leave. So far everything has been more than perfect! I feel so spoiled!

Neither my mom or I have been to Hong Kong, but I think my mom knows more about Hong Kong than most Hong Kongese. My mom is the ultimate travel companion; she studied all the streets, the shops and the restaurants. :) Think she is more familiar with Google maps than me ;)

Chat soon from Hong Kong!


Our before photo - only 26 kg all together


Bye Bye Cape Town






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  1. Lydia Uys November 10, 2011 at 3:16 pm #

    Have fun xxx

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