Bye Bye Cape Town – See you soon Hong Kong

I feel like a little girl on Christmas Eve, knowing she is getting a fairy outfit for Christmas and it is just a few hours before she can open her gifts… My mom and I are sitting on the airport, ready to board for our trip to Hong Kong. :)  This trip is a massive [...]


Fedisa Fashion Show

Garment 2 - Men's wear

Our Fedisa Graduate Fashion Show.


My 10 favourite: Picnic items

Treat yourself and your special someone to do something different this weekend! It is SO worth it!


My favourite 10: Hout Bay Pics


We decided Sunday was our Date Day. A day of just Lance, me and quality time :)


My favourite 10: Cream dreams

We recently started with our year end collections for our graduation fashion show. The tones I decided on are all natural colours, mainly using cream/ivory.

Cream has a sense of freedom and peace. It is relaxing on the eye and calms the soul.


Making my flat my home :)

A week ago i promised you a photo of the red couch and how I “revamped” my flat. A short history about the flat…. Last year I’ve spend hours on Gumtree looking for a place to stay after I heard they wanted to sell the flat we where staying in. I wasted so much time [...]


Olive Festival: Riebeek Kasteel

Last weekend Lance and I went to the Olive Festival, at Riebeek Kasteel,  with a few friends. My sister told me about it and we decided it will be a nice drive for the day. We left Cape Town at about 9, and we where there just after 10… it is not far at all…. and [...]


My favourite 10: White is pure inspiration

Today I felt like clean, pretty pics. I just love white! One rule I have is only white bedding! :)


My favourite 10: Black and White Photos

I LOVE love stories and often a single photo is more of a love story to me than a Nicolas Sparks novel.


Pinterest: You make me happy

Today’s post is a bit different than others… I decided to tell you about the amazing site Pinterest. Do you remember when we where little girls with pigtails we swapped stickers and pasted them in a book… Pinterest is a similar concept. I use Pinterest everyday looking for inspiration and looking at the pretty things [...]