Freshly White

If I have the opportunity to decorate my house one day just the way I want… this is probably more or less the look I will go for! I love the colour pallet – it is clean, refreshing and absolutely breathe taking!


Work Space part 2

Seeing how everyone loved the last “Work Space” post, I decided it’s time for part two.


Dinner in the Dining Room

Last night I had a few friends over to celebrate the engagement of one of my best friends, Andrea. She is engaged to Daniel, Lance’s brother! It was so special being able to spend time with the girls chatting and laughing about the past, the present and the future… We lit the candles and had [...]


My kitchen gives me joy!

My love for cooking comes from my mother. I can’t think of a day that I haven’t seen her busy in the kitchen.


My favourite 10: White is pure inspiration

Today I felt like clean, pretty pics. I just love white! One rule I have is only white bedding! :)


My favourite 10: Black and White Photos

I LOVE love stories and often a single photo is more of a love story to me than a Nicolas Sparks novel.


Sleeping Cozy…

My bedroom is one of my favourite spaces! I love just sitting on my bed in my private time reading or getting inspiration for the blog :) To me that is my space where no work enters… My bedroom is really the space where I clear my head…


Black & White Decor


I get lost on the internet! I LOVE surfing the net… I can do it for hours without noticing the time. As I’ve told you before, I love pretty things. It makes me smile and I just love to see people’s talent. Interior is another passion of mine. I don’t know how I am going to decide how to decorate my house one day. Now that I’m renting an apartment I am quite restricted to go crazy. (I don’t think the owner will like me so much if I start to modernize the apartment :) I will soon show you my before and afters of my flat. I LOVE it! Just having my own space, being able to put up a frame here and there and making it cozy! I realized that’s my thing.